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Connecting Minneapolis businesses with trusted SEO Companies

Iperactive is launching a brand new online service that will help businesses in the Minneapolis area select trusted SEO and Internet Marketing Companies.  Please contact us at to inquire.  We'll be launching the service in the summer of 2011.


What was Iperactive Inc?
Iperactive Inc. was an SEO company based in Minneapolis, MN.  Iperactive was incorporated in 2000 and thrived for several years, controlling the mid-sized manufacturing market in the SEO and internet marketing services industry.  In 2004 Iperactive Inc. and most of its intellectual property was sold for an undisclosed amount, and most Iperactive Inc. clients were transistioned to other established SEO companies based in Minneapolis.


A clip from 2002:
To be the best, your company needs the best.

Iperactive Inc. is the exclusive, trusted provider of Internet Marketing Services to some of the most influential firms around the world.
Our clients range from the largest multinational corporations to small, fast growing companies. We have the resources and expertise to handle any project size.


Iperactive is the best choice if your company is thinking about using Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to generate new business. Iperactive's proprietary Internet marketing strategies are proven to produce high impact results, and dramatically increase revenues.


Our loyal clients benefit from more #1 search engine positions and more qualified leads than their competitors. Even in the most competitive markets. This means that by working with us, our clients are able to capture potential customers before the competition even gets a chance. That is because, our search engine optimization and marketing formulas are years ahead of the competition, and we prove it everyday by not only getting our clients into more #1 positions, but by dominating our own industry and achieving the most competitive #1 search engine positions for our own web site.


Whatever your goals or objectives may be, Iperactive can provide the most cost effective, results-focused Internet Marketing services in the industry.



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